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South Adricans: Say no to nuclear plants!

text-NoSo no to nuclear plants  Liz Purdham, Pinetown

South African citizens have till the end of March to object to the nuclear plant. UNDERSTAND President Zuma and team have made a deal with the Russians to build a nuclear plant here in South Africa.

Many hundreds of South Africans are totally against this deal – why aren’t we marching with banners, “No Nuclear”? You know the dangers of the nuclear plant from radiation to storing the radioactive waste, which has to be kept secure for years.

We all remember the Cheronbyl accident which led more countries to abandon the nuclear option and go for renewables.

We need to stand up against this deal – someone said, “it will show the Arms Deal as a picnic” so, no doubt, many stand to gain bribes and illegal pay-outs.

Through the Highway Mail, we can stand up against this programme. Apparently we only have till the end of March to object. It is so important – please make it a priority.




February 27, 2017 - Posted by | general

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