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Famous ex-CIA spy Valerie Plame Wilson anxious about “reckless” President Trump and his “low-quality” administration

Ex-spy Plame’s big worries: ‘reckless’ president, nuclear weapons, By Kevin Fagan, San Francisco Chronicle, 21 Feb 17,  When the most famous ex-CIA spy alive is concerned about the world blowing up, there’s probably something worrisome in that.

Sure, this is the kind of fretting Valerie Plame Wilson has been doing since her cover was famously blown in 2003 by an operative of President George W. Bush’s administration. But as she dashed through San Francisco last week to speak at a cyberterrorism conference, Plame said she sees the country heading into a dangerously unstable period that just might result in disaster involving her No. 1 concern of the past several years:

Nuclear bombs.

 Blame it on   President Trump, his reckless ways, and the “low-quality people he surrounds himself with,” she said.

“What I find most concerning about him is his access to the nuclear command and control structure,” Plame said the other day over breakfast at a diner before delivering a speech to the RSA 2017 Conference on international security. “We’re still deciding whether to take Trump literally or seriously. But during the campaign he made comments about ‘So what if Japan gets a nuclear weapon,’ and intimating that a nuclear strike is not out of the question.

“He is so casual and reckless. Impulsive, to say the least. This is a man who gets riled up by a tweet. Is this the guy you want to make nuclear decisions?”………

Plame said that, as a specialist in keeping security tight, she has been particularly mortified by Trump’s apparent sloppiness — from neglecting to go to a secure location at his Mar-a-Lago estate when he received information about a North Korean missile launch to one of Trump’s supporters cavalierly posting a Facebook picture of himself at a Trump event with “Rick,” the military officer carrying the president’s “football” of nuclear attack codes.

However, watching Trump’s news conference Thursday made her even more concerned as he casually mused that he could shoot a Russian ship “right out of the water,” and that “nuclear holocaust would be like no other.”

“So, this is the president to whom we have entrusted our nuclear codes?” she said. “The incompetence we’ve seen is — and I know this is a widely overused word right now — unprecedented. And it’s more than just Trump.

“The fact that Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council is horrifying. …….


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