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February 8 Energy News



¶ “Trump’s Despotically Dispensed ‘Truth’ Doomed by Reality” EPA staff and scientists are being muzzled, federal funds frozen, and ludicrous extractive industry speaking points are now official government policy. But ultimately, Trump’s triumphant hubris will be answerable, like that of all would-be despots before him, to reality. []

One era ends - another begins.  (Photo: Peter Thoeny, Creative Commons) One era ends – another begins.
(Photo: Peter Thoeny, Creative Commons)


¶ Rooftop and large-scale solar contributed to an estimated 1% reduction in Australian power consumption in 2016, prompting 1.3% fall in greenhouse gas emissions. Analysis by Green Energy Markets has highlighted the growing impact solar power is having on the nation’s electricity consumption rates and patterns. [pv magazine]

¶ Australian Federal government agencies are investing $71.4 million in seven solar farms and a wind farm in Queensland. They are set to deliver a total of 2,218 jobs, analysis by shows. Australia’s largest coal mine…

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