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Lack of Accountability Just Endorsed by US Congress Allows Oil and Mining Companies to Keep Robbing Countries of Money Needed to Reduce Poverty, Improve Education, Health Care, Agriculture and Reduce Migration

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Managed properly, Oxfam argues, revenues generated from the oil industry could dramatically reduce poverty while improving education, health care, and agriculture. In fact, the estimated $1.55 trillion represents five times the existing funding gap for 42 of the world’s poorest countries in both education and health, according to the report.” (D. Fulton-Common Dreams, 7-15-15, Read article below.)

And, this would go far in stopping the migration crises, as would a cessation of land-grabs related to the extractive industries and agribusiness. This is true for Africa, Latin America and elsewhere.

After 6 years of foot-dragging, the Cardin-Lugar provision, Section 1504 of Dodd Frank (2010), was finally implemented last year, only to be overturned by the US Congress a few days ago! Former Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson, now US Secretary of State, went to Washington to testify against the Cardin-Lugar provision. He didn’t want transparency-accountability.

From Common Dreams:

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