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Mother’s Radiation Lab and Clinic 

No High Level International Nuclear Waste Dump in South Australia, Paul Richards, 2 Nov 16  Exactly what the radiation fuel cycle means to all mothers in the Fukushima region by looking at the outcome of the nuclear disaster, more on a day to day basis

The relatively short video shows a female perspective of how women are dealing with the risk despite the Japanese governments, lack of radiation testing, children’s health checks, financial and social support – the social responsibility to their community

Women suffer the most from this stoic denial that radiation effects the community, causing unnecessary stress from risk of radionuclide ingestion on a child’s growing body, well established to be many times more sensitive to radiation due to rapidly dividing cells programmed by DNA at risk during early development

It is sad a mother’s worldview has been largely left out of the South Australian debate around the whole nuclear cycle dominated by senior male nuclear sales executives and academics

However, that isn’t any surprise, as that is how the world embraced the whole nuclear industry in the first place, that is from a purely patriarchal worldview and that is a matter of our species shameful human history


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