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Nuclear and Climate News to October 28

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

NUCLEAR UN votes to start negotiating treaty to ban nuclear weapons Australia votes with major nuclear powers against the resolution – including US, Russia and Israel – but 123 nations vote in favour.

CLIMATE.  Carbon dioxide at record levels, UN warns. The hottest year on record? It will be 2016. Climate change and ocean deoxygenation on the way to suffocating the oceans. Climate change could spark the world’s next financial crisis.  Climate change brings skin diseases to new regions.  Half a Kilometer of Ice Gone in Just 7 Years — West Antarctica’s Smith Glacier Points To Nightmare Melt Scenario

Causal connection between nuclear radiation and Alzheimers’ Disease – European research.

A “nonsense” paper accepted for International Conference on Atomic and Nuclear Physics.

AFRICA. “We Have Nowhere to Go” — Sea Level Rise is Devouring the Coast of West Africa


SOUTH KOREA. South Korea’s anxiety: talk of pre-emptive strikes on North Korean missile and nuclear facilities.

FRANCE. Japanese Flawed steel Components at the Center of French Nuclear Crisis – Major Questions & Implications for Japanese Reactors Safety.

JAPAN. Massive underestimation of Cost to scrap Fukushima nuclear plant Japanese officials admit. Outside power temporarily cut to Okayama uranium processing facility after quake.

TAIWAN  to End Nuclear Power Generation in 2025

UK. Scottish power plant forced offline for a week by swarm of jellyfish.

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