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And now for the next chapter! Ireland and Sellafield!

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Windscale, Sellafield, Moorside UK fallout plume estimate
A new nuclear power station is proposed at Moorside near Sellafield, as well as at Hinkley Pt. Our map distance estimate is based on “Windscale fallout underestimated“, by Rebecca Morelle-BBC News, 6 October 2007, where one finds a rare map of the Windscale fallout plume: and the Chernobyl fallout plume, which seems have traveled about the same distance. See:
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And now for the next chapter! Ireland and Sellafield!
Posted on October 9, 2016 by arclight2011part2

There is something really fishy about the Sellafield meetings in Ireland (Due in the next week approx). The Irish Government did not join other boundary/downwind countries around the UK in a recent ESPOO (Cross boundary contamination from nuclear sites) Convention statement in connection with the Hinkley nuclear power plant plans in the UK . Has the Irish government been lobbied by proven UK nuclear lobby “liars” and “Spin merchants”  (the…

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