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Hinkley Pt. Nuclear Power Contract Signed Days AFTER New Warnings About Areva-Creusot Defects-QT Problems by French Regulator and Large & Associates

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While the UK government announced intention of moving forward with construction of Hinkley Pt. C Nuclear Power Station on Sept. 15th, they did not actually sign the contract until Sept. 29th.

Almost one week before, the French Regulator ASN released an update about defects-quality control problems for this nuclear power station type (as well as others).

Several days before, independent consultant Large & Associates issued a 49 page scathing analysis of the defects and quality problems related to this nuclear power station type (and others).

The Rip Rip off cost of new nuclear-Hinkley Pt. C in both the US and UK is approximately twice that of onshore wind power, and this is excluding the cost of cooling and storing the waste for perpetuity. This also excludes the health and other social costs associated with the legal (and illegal) discharges of radioactive materials into the environment. It is a lethal RIP…

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