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This week’s nuclear and climate news

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Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

CLIMATE. Sahara-Like Heat Marches North, Sparks Scores of Massive Wildfires Across Portugal. An epic Middle East heat wave could be global warming’s hellish curtain-raiser. Carteret climate refugees seek home. Climate scientists’ predictions on sea level rise Rejection of expert knowledge – Clexit after Brexit.  Power of social media: Di Caprio on climate change.

NUCLEAR  Nagasaki Peace Declaration 2016.

English language media continues to examine the nuclear industry’s situation in Britain and USA, and this is surely a concern for the global nuclear industry. If it collapses in UK and USA – the outlook for nuclear’s global future is grim.

UK is in the most critical situation – a plethora of articles on this: EU Investigating Unfair French State Subsidies to the Nuclear Sector – Areva’s 4 Billion Euro Bailout by French Taxpayers.  France’s ruling socialist party calls for freeze on Hinkley Point nuclear development. Theresa May is advised that now is the time to get out of Hinkley nuclear project. UK government’s own projections find solar and wind ‘cheaper than new nuclear’.

USA. Much unhappiness about New York’s subsidy bailout of the nuclear industry – eg. $700 million of public money goes to New York’s FitzPatrick nuclear deal. WHY?. New York will regret hasty decision to bail out upstate nuclear facilities. Subsidizing Nuclear Will Only Make Our Grid Problems Worse. New York “s Clean Energy standard drafted with an effort to avoid legal challenges about nuclear subsidy. New Jersey won’t be following New York’s example of subsidising the nuclear industry. U.S. electricity consumers could end up paying more than $2.5 billion for nuclear plants that never get built.

CHINA. Public opposition stops nuclear waste project, perhaps permanently.

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