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EU Investigating Unfair French State Subsidies to the Nuclear Sector – Areva’s 4 Billion Euro Bailout by French Taxpayers

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Le Creusot red
Old Le Creusot Forge, predecessor to Areva-Le Creusot.
NRC Inspection Le Creusot 2009
The US NRC inspected Areva due to quality concerns years ago.
Areva Le Creusot ASN
The French regulator, ASN, is investigating quality concerns at Areva-Le Creusot. In contrast, the US NRC is coddling Areva.

The EU has finally taken note of unfair direct subsidy to French State owned Areva and it is investigating. Areva and EDF’s very existence, as state owned entities which prance around the world pretending that they are private corporations and behaving as such, constitutes unfair business practices. The same is true of Russian state owned Rosatom (and related entities), China’s National Nuclear corporations (e.g. CNNC), Korea’s KEPCO and Japan’s TEPCO, etc. The nuclear industry can’t survive without constant injections of taxpayer money, but the most overt form is the state owned nuclear corporation. Furthermore, these nuclear corporations have the power of the state backing them up, which can field armies on their…

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