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Does US NRC Think They are Chimps or Robots? Similar Isn’t the Same: Zircaloy and Areva’s M5 Alloy are not the same

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How does French State owned nuclear behemoth Areva spell regulatory relief? Like Holtec and others: “US NRC”. While the underfunded and understaffed French regulator, the ASN, has been holding Areva’s feet to the fire over defects, of late, the overfunded and overstaffed USNRC continues to coddle Areva. The US NRC claimed that they would receive more information from Areva on potentially flawed Areva-Le Creusot Forge nuclear parts in the US by the end of July. No information can be found. In its stead one finds information about two NRC regulatory exemptions for Areva. The first exemption has to do with spent fuel cask welding defects (still pending). The second, found below, has to do with helping a utility change to an apparently unapproved Areva M5 fuel cladding by granting an exemption, for reasons unknown. In stark contrast, the French regulatory, ASN, continues to provide information on potential Areva defects…

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  1. Thanks for making this top news (number one) when you type nrc and areva for the last 24 hours, week, and month. You’ve beat the US NRC itself. It means that your blog is going strong indeed, as well it should. Hats off to you! I wish that I could be even half as efficient and effective as you are.

    Comment by miningawareness | August 10, 2016 | Reply

    • Thank you, miningawareness. Your articles are always so very welcome – well researched, detailed, full of information.
      Ha ha. I am blissfully unaware of how well this site is doing – being really rather a Luddite – I don’t know how to work such things out. No matter. With you and d’un renard bringing in such valuable input, it lifts the standard.

      You should be encouraged by realising that you go for quality – (I am more often about quantity.)

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | August 10, 2016 | Reply

      • Many thanks. You provide quantity, as well as writing quality original pieces and artwork, which is what is needed. The beauty is that those who are lost will find your web site first, rather than the nuclear lobby. It is wonderful to support you in any way. You should get a lifetime achievement award and maybe one day will:,56 Anyway, God will one day give you a lifetime achievement award, which is all that matters.

        Comment by miningawareness | August 11, 2016

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