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South Korea Wants to Send Its Nuclear Waste to Someone Else! Who gives a Flying Fukushima about what they want?

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South Korea has decided that they may want to give someone else their nuclear waste, according to Reuters (July 25, 2016). Well doesn’t almost everyone? Why would anyone give a flying Fukushima about what South Korea wants anyway? Let North Korea have them. Or China. China would still be smaller than Russia.
WIPP  15 May 2014 7
WIPP 22 May 2014
WIPP: US Underground Repository for Transuranic Nuclear Waste – Plutonium, Americium and all of that long-lived nasty stuff.

At least South Korea was honest enough to say so, however, and people can be on guard, instead of sneaking it out the backdoor like Germany’s trying to do with its high level Pebble Bed radioactive waste, and like Switzerland did with its old Swiss made, useless, plutonium. Swiss plutonium will be “diluted” and buried at WIPP as so-called GAP plutonium (aka foreign plutonium that foreign countries didn’t want). A long list of other countries have dumped their nuclear waste…

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  1. People want nuclear power burying the waist saying, OH, My, gosh the water is polluted. They pollute the air saying, OH,MY, gosh the air is polluted. Your choices made the pollution.

    Comment by artiewhitefox | July 31, 2016 | Reply

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