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What Radionuclides are at Drigg Nuclear Waste Dump Near the Irish Sea? Many Still Lethal After Natural Erosion Expected to Undermine It (Still Time to Oppose Drigg-Decision 15th July)

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Information on how to oppose Drigg found here:

For the LLWR-Drigg, “radionuclides included within the radiological assessment for the groundwater pathway” in a study for the British government (EA-NDA) are: “Am-241, Am-242m, Am-243, C-14, Cl-36, Cm-243, Cm-244, Cm-245, Cm-246, Cm-248, Co-60, Cs-135, Cs-137, H-3, I-125, I-129, I-131, Nb-94, Nb-95, Ni-63, Np-237, Pa-231, Pb-210, Pu-236, Pu-238, Pu-239, Pu-240, Pu-241, Pu-242, Ra-226, Sr-90, Tc-99, Th-230, Th-232, U-233, U-234, U-235, U-238, Zr-93 (Thus, these are apparently the ones believed to be present.)
Rusting Shipping Containers at Drigg on the Irish Sea
Rusting Shipping Containers of Nuclear Waste at Drigg Near the Irish Sea

As can be seen above, low level doesn’t mean low risk. Nor does it mean short-lived, as is seen below. Many have half-lives of thousands and even millions of years. Rather, this is a dilute to deceive scam so popular with illegal polluters, but this is condoned by the UK Government (as well…

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