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Why a Nuclear Reactor with Almost 1000 Pressure Vessel Flaws May Still Re-open Near Zurich: A Lesson in Myopic Accounting

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Beznau Swiss Cheese Greenpeace
The news that almost 1000 holes are in the reactor pressure vessel of Beznau 1 came on October 7, 2015. Having the oldest operating commercial nuclear reactor in the world was reason enough for concern without learning that the reactor pressure vessel, the most important part of the nuclear reactor, was full of holes like a piece of Swiss Emmental cheese, notes Greenpeace. This nuclear reactor may still be restarted, which clearly places the population in danger. One sixth of the Swiss population lives nearby in Zurich.

Beznau, opened in 1969, is located only 38 km (24 miles) from Zurich and its bankers.
Beznau to Zurich

Beznau 2, which starting operating in 1971, has “only” 77 defects in its reactor pressure vessel, so was approved to go back online. Prairie Island Nuclear Power Station in the US State of Minnesota is of the same generation as Beznau 2. Beznau and…

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