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ASN: Possible Defects in Areva-Creusot Steam Generator Channel Heads; May Impact Countries in Both Hemispheres Including the USA; US NRC Snoozes

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Areva Le Creusot ASN
ASN images
steam generator  channel heads ASN

On the 28th of June, the French Nuclear Regulator, ASN, announced that some nuclear reactor steam generators made at Areva-Le Creusot Forge “could contain an anomaly similar to that affecting the Flamanville EPR vessel“. They explain that”These steam generator channel heads are hemispherical forged parts constituting the lower part of the steam generators. They contribute to containment of the primary system water. These components are essential for safety. The quality of their design, manufacture and in-service monitoring is therefore extremely important.” They also tell us that: “analyses of the other forged components making up the vessel, the pressuriser and the steam generators and liable also to be concerned by this anomaly are ongoing.” (See ASN News Release below). While the French Regulator works, the US NRC twiddles their thumbs waiting to see what the liable party, Areva, will tell them. And, instead…

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