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Donald Trump will pull the US out of the UN global climate accord, push coal, oil

USA election 2016Trump to undo climate agenda, push coal, THE AUSTRALIAN BY VALERIE VOLCOVICI AND EMILY STEPHENSON AAP MAY 27, 2016

Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, has promised to roll back some of America’s most ambitious environmental policies, actions that he said would revive the ailing US oil and coal industries and bolster national security.

Among the proposals, Trump said he would pull the US out of the UN global climate accord, approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline from Canada, and rescind measures by President Barack Obama to cut US emissions and protect waterways from industrial pollution……..

It was Trump’s first speech detailing the energy policies he would advance if elected president. He received loud applause from the crowd of oil executives.

The comments painted a stark contrast between the New York billionaire and his Democratic rivals for the White House, Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who advocate a sharp turn away from fossil fuels and towards renewable energy technologies to combat climate change.

Trump slammed both rivals in his speech, saying their policies would kill jobs and force the US “to be begging for oil again” from Middle East producers.

Trump’s comments drew quick criticism from environmental advocates, who called his proposals “frightening”.

“Trump’s energy policies would accelerate climate change, protect corporate polluters who profit from poisoning our air and water, and block the transition to clean energy that is necessary to strengthen our economy and protect our climate and health,” said Tom Steyer, a billionaire environmental activist.

But industry executives cheered the stance……..

Until Thursday, Trump had been short on details of his energy policy. He has said he believes global warming is a hoax, that his administration would revive the US coal industry, and that he supports hydraulic fracturing – an environmentally controversial drilling technique that has triggered a boom in US production……

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