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China getting prepared for nuclear emergencies

safety-symbol-SmChina establishes national nuclear emergency team Reporter: Wu Guoxiu 丨 CCTV.com05-24-2016 China has established a national nuclear emergency rescue team, to cope with potential nuclear accidents, and take part in international rescue operations. CCTV reporter tells us more now on how the country is increasing its nuclear emergency preparedness.

The national rescue team is composed of armed forces members and existing rescue professionals. On duty 24-7, their job is to deal with serious nuclear accidents in the country, or abroad.

“The rescue team has 320 members, and six squads, including technical support, evacuation, rescue, radiation monitoring, decontamination and medical treatment. The bases will conduct drills, training and theoretical studies,” said Li Ganjie, Chief of China Nuclear Safety Bureau……..

a nuclear safety law is expected to come out by the end of this year. But new challenges have come as China exports nuclear technologies to international markets.

“Exporting nuclear technology doesn’t mean you sell a nuclear power plant, it also involves nuclear safety and emergency systems. Our nuclear emergency response needs to be improved to meet the international level,” said Wang Yiren, Deputy Director of China Automatic Energy Authority…..


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