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US and S. Korea Nuclear Power Stations Impacted-Potentially Impacted by Defective Schneider Masterpact Breakers (Lists)

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While several US nuclear power stations are known to have problems, which apparently stem from defective Schneider Electric Masterpact breakers, many more have these breakers, which could cause safety problems. These include two South Korean Nuclear Power Stations, as well as many US ones. These are the Schneider Electric Masterpact breakers provided via Nuclear Logistics Inc., so there may be more. Information about another Schneider Masterpact defect and the nuclear power stations involved is also provided below.
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Problem Reported May 12, 2016: “PART 21 – INITIAL NOTIFICATION OF MASTERPACT BREAKER FAIL TO CLOSE… AZZ/NLI is providing written notification of the identification of a potential defect or failure to comply. “On the basis of our evaluation, it has been determined that there is sufficient information to determine if the subject condition is left uncorrected could potentially create a Substantial Safety Hazard or could create a Technical Specification Safety Limit violation…

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