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Global nuclear lobby escalating spin, in mainstream and in social media

spin-media-nuclearWith the continuing worldwide success of renewable energy, the nuclear lobby’s in a bit of a tizz –  doing their best to win hearts and minds with some slick articles in mainstream media, touting nuclear as cure for climate change, spruiking small nukes, and downplaying radiation effects of Fukushima nuclear disaster.

However, the nuclear industry is also now redoubling their efforts on social media, as they’ve discovered all the possibilities of Twitter, Facebook etc:

“Social media channels, like Facebook and Twitter, can be an opportunity for us to listen and engage on energy issues and EDF Energy has created digital tools based on the same principle as its physical visitor centres. These tools have been viewed over 1.3 million times,” “As an industry we must harness the power of social media to broaden understanding of what we do”  This is a vital part of gaining and maintaining public trust.”WNA 14/04/16 

We can be confident that those digital tools include not only real lobbyists’ messages,  but autobots set to swamp social media with pro nuclear spin, and triggered to respond to any messages critical of the industry

The World Nuclear Association obviously is well aware of the statistical liklelihood of a serious nuclear accident within the next few decades.  They’re priming the nuclear lobbyists up to keep the propaganda well and truly going, in advance of that nuc lear accident.

“If an accident occurs, there will be many voices seeking to be heard and media channels will want to use the information sources they know and trust. And trust has to be gained before an event”  WNA 14/04/16 


April 15, 2016 - Posted by | Christina's notes, media

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