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All about the terrorists’ plan to attack Belgium’s nuclear power station

dirty bombReuters: Bombers “switched target from nuke plant at last minute” — Report: Terror cell plotted to blow up nuclear plant… Threat of “most devastating terror attack in history” — Murder of nuclear worker increasing fear of more attacks — Police worry other cells “poised to unleash further terror” (VIDEOS)

The Independent, Mar 25, 2016 (emphasis added): Brussels bombings: Terror group ‘were planning to attack nuclear power station’, surveillance suggests — The Brussels bombers were allegedly planning to attack a nuclear power plant and had recorded 10 hours of surveillance footage of Belgium’s nuclear power chief, it has been reported… It is believed they may have been spying on the director as part of a possible kidnap plan to make him help them get into a plant, Belgian newspaper La Derniere Heure reports.

The Australian, Mar 26, 2016: Brussels: jihadists ‘planned attack’ on nuclear plant — Suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Brussels were reportedly originally considering an attack on a Belgian nuclear site, but arrests last week may have forced them to switch to targets in the nation’s capital… Police fear that at least two people directly linked to the Brussels bombings are at large and that other cells of terrorists are poised to unleash further terror.

Reuters, Mar 25, 2016: Attackers switched target from nuke plant at last minute, says paper

Reuters, Mar 24, 2016: Suicide bombers who blew themselves up in Brussels were originally considering an attack on a nuclear site in Belgium, but arrests started last week may have forced them to switch to targets… “Even if one couldn’t prevent these (Brussels) attacks, one can say that their magnitude could have been much bigger if the terrorists had been able to implement their original plan and not opted for easier targets,” said the police source.

Time, Mar 25, 2016: ISIS Attackers May Have Targeted Nuclear Power Station… A Belgiannuclear power plant may have been the target of an aborted plot by the ISIS cell that carried out this week’s terrorist attacks in Brussels… [There are] fears that an “insider” might offer access to terrorists ISIS actually had a follower inside the Doel plant

FOX 5 NY, Mar 24 2016: Report: Brussels bombers planned nuclear power plant attack… The newspaper Derniere Heure report that the ISIS cell was spying on the head of the Belgian nuclear program to possibly kidnap him to force their way into an atomic facility

New Zealand Herald, Mar 26, 2016: 11 nuclear power plant workers have had their site access revoked amid fears of “insider help”

CBS News, Mar 24, 2016: Brussels suspects linked to nuclear facility plot… It also emerged Thursday that the brothers were part of a plan uncovered earlier this year to try and target a Belgian nuclear facility… In light of that ISIS surveillance earlier this year, CBS News senior national security analyst Juan Zarate called the evacuation order for Belgium’s Tihange nuclear power plant, immediately following the Tuesday bombings, a “chilling development.”

CBS News, Mar 25, 2016: The terror attacks in Brussels are raising new questions about the security of nuclear plants… “If terrorists were able to successfully attack a nuclear facility, there could be a serious loss of life,” said Dr. Page Stoutland of the Nuclear Threat Initiative.

CBS News, Mar 25, 2016: Brussels attacks raise safety concerns of nuclear plants — The terror attacks in Brussels are raising new questions about the security of nuclear plants. An American official says two of the suspected terrorists may have been targeting a facility in Belgium. This revelation has sparked worldwide concern.

Sky News, Mar 25, 2016: [Investigators] conclude the terrorists “could have put national security in danger like never before”, according to Belgian media…

Sputnik, Mar 25, 2016: Brussels Terror Cell Was Plotting to Blow Up a Nuclear Plant… [with] sights set on a high-casualty strike against a nuclear power plant in Flanders, Belgium. When Belgian police apprehended Salah Abdeslam on Friday, March 18, theyprevented what could have been the single most devastating terror attack in history

Sputnik, Mar 24, 2016: It is clear that Belgium’s secuity services were aware of plans to attack… Immediately after… security was tightened at Belgium’s nuclear power plants.

Telegraph, Mar 27, 2016: A security guard who worked at a Belgian nuclear medical research facility was murdered two days after the Brussels bombings… deepening fears that Islamist terror cells are plotting attacks against nuclear installations… He was found dead in his bathroom by his three children… A source from [his employer] told The Telegraph: “He was killed at gunpoint at his home [and] can’t rule out” [it] was to do with the terrorist attacks

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