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26 March latest nuclear news

a-cat-CANWake up World! Belgium terrorist attack shows vulnerability of nuclear facilities. And it’s not just nuclear reactors- it’s ANY nuclear or radioactive facilities.

CLIMATE. Highest in 666 million years – today’s carbon emissions. World Meteorological Organization — Dangerous Climate Future Has Arrived.

NASA and Rosatom want nuclear rockets to take astronauts to Mars.

BELGIUM. Fears that Brussels bombers were plotting to build a radiological dirty bomb. Belgium: nuclear staff refused access following news that terrorists had considered attack on nuclear plant. Military presence increased at Belgium’s nuclear power stations.

GERMANY. Danger of terror attacks on Germany’s nuclear stations


UK.   Taxpayers up for huge liabilities if Hinkley nuclear power project goes ahead? UK govt getting resigned to the likely scrapping of Hinkley Point C nuclear project?  China wants big involvement in construction of Hinkley Point C nuclear station.   Rolls Royce touts “football fields” of mini nuclear reactors for Britain. Cheaper, faster renewable energy will obliterate the prospects for “new nuclear

FRANCE. Years more delay for EDF’s Flamanville nuclear power station. AREVA’s huge loss on Finland nuclear project.

FINLANDRussia funding and building new nuclear power station in Finland.

JAPAN. Nuclear safety too costly for Japan- scraps 6th nuclear reactorToshiba investigated over Westinghouse Accounting. Toshiba to dump its nuclear business, as U.S. units probed? TEPCO refuses to reimburse ¥20.1 billion in claims from Tohoku. TEPCO says 5.3 tons of tainted water leaked at nuclear plant.    Incidences of Thyroid Cancer in Children Rising in Fukushima. FIVE YEARS AFTER: Fukushima thyroid cancer patients’ families join forces. Incineration of radioactive waste begins at Fukushima nuclear plant.

UKRAINE. Disturbing facts about Ukraine’s nuclear power stations. Chernobyl’s anti radiation sarcophagus. Nuclear dump plan for Chernobyl area.

INDIA. Kakrapar radiation leakage highlights need for investigation of All of India’s nuclear reactors. Renewable energy beating nuclear power in India.

SOUTH AFRICA. Once again, access to South Africa’s nuclear documents is denied


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