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Miami-Dade County threatened by excessively saline water, due to Turkey Point nuclear plants

Nuclear Plant Threatens Miami-Dade’s Water. Mayor Says, ‘This Isn’t Flint’Updated March 10, 2016  [includes audio]  npr, GREG ALLEN 10 Mar 16 A study shows excessive saltwater from Florida Power and Light’s nuclear plant is threatening Biscayne Bay and the aquifer that supplies much of Miami’s water   “…….

GREG ALLEN, BYLINE: It’s a problem that began to develop two years ago, after Florida Power and Light upgraded generating capacity at its two Turkey Point nuclear plants south of Miami. After the upgrade, the plants ran hotter. Issues turned up in a closed network of canals that provide water to cool the plants. Because of evaporation, water in the canals became saltier and saltier. Now tests by the county confirm that a plume of that hypersaline water has contaminated the aquifer. Miami-Dade County officials are concerned about well fields not far from the nuclear plants that provide drinking water for the 2-and-a-half million people who live here. County Mayor Carlos Gimenez says while it has to be addressed, it should be kept in perspective…….
ALLEN: New test results released this week show contamination from the nuclear plants is threatening not just the county’s drinking water, but also the health of Biscayne Bay. The bay, which stretches from Miami to the Florida Keys, is a shallow and fragile ecosystem. The county tests show hypersaline water from the cooling canals – along with phosphorus, ammonia and a radioactive isotope, tritium – is leaching into the bay. Rachel Silverstein with Miami Waterkeeper, an environmental group, says it’s already had an impact……..

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