The News That Matters about the Nuclear Industry Fukushima Chernobyl Mayak Three Mile Island Atomic Testing Radiation Isotope

Renewable energy news – more fun, and much more is happening than in the nuclear industry

Journalism highlights of the week :

*Australia’s revolving doorfrom politician to mining executive and back again: how miners control Australian government policy.

*The horrendous truth about just how big a mess nuclear corporation EDF is in.

a-cat-CANYes, I do get tired of all the doom and gloom – about the nuclear industry – both in its harmful effects, and in its dismal future prospects.

Meanwhile – when I start looking at renewable energy news – well, there’s miles of it! And, not to be discounted, even where I live, I see new solar panels popping up in the neighbourhood every week!


Climate Change Champion – Leonardo Di Caprio.

USA  Design flaws in America’s nuclear reactors: NRC engineers call for shutdown, if not fixed.  ‘uncontrollable radioactive flow’ from Indian Point nuclear station into the Hudson River.  Radioactive leak just one of many nuclear problems at Indian Point, USA. The end of the nuclear age – foreshadowed as Indian Point nuclear station leaks radioactivity. The danger of flying nuclear materials between UK and USA. Russia & USA Pointing Nuclear Missiles at Asteroids – bonanza for Lockheed Martin etc. High costs and construction delays cast gloom over nuclear industry. The Price of Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power

JAPAN – Fukushima.  TEPCO Lied To The World About Fukushima Meltdowns. Court case will unveil ‘the hidden truths’ of the Fukushima nuclear meltdown. ‘Keep pro nuclear signs’ as reminder of Fukushima nuclear catastrophe. How solar energy can turn lives around in nuclear-devastatedFukushima. ‘deep freeze’ of soil wall at Fukushima plant. TEPCO now burning thousands of radioactive work clothes. As far away as Tokyo, highly radioactive black sand from Fukushima meltdowns is found. Radioactive contamination still a very real crisis for Fukushima fishermen. Very few return to “re-opened” town in Fukushima.

Strontium 90 – Japanese Preserving Deciduous Teeth Network.

WEAPONS & WAR Huge rally in Britain against Trident nuclear missile system. UK govt to spend £642 million developing new submarines for Trident nuclear missiles. Russia to test launch ballistic missiles from nuclear-powered submarines. Kim Jong-un orders nuclear weapons readied for use ‘at any time’ India about to get a nuclear-armed submarine. New USA nuclear missile test.

FRANCE.  The horrendous truth about just how big a mess nuclear corporation EDF is in. Francepromises more compensation to Pacific nuclear test victims. France prepared to extend life of nuclear reactors: energy minister. France sued by Geneva over dangerous and polluting nuclear station. France’s nuclear giant AREVA in deep financial mess – again!

GERMANY‘s nuclear utilities will have to transfer nuclear clean-up cash by 2022.

IRAN Big win for Rouhani and Reform in Iran elections. International Atomic Energy Agency reports that Iran is abiding by nuclear agreement.


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