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Call on the British govt to hold a public enquiry on the murder of Hilda Murrell

The British Government: To open a public enquiry on the murder of Hilda Murrell Why this is important

An elderly and intelligent woman who did her duty for Britain during WW2 was brutally murdered after the Falklands War. Many people believe that the person found guilty some 21yrs after the event is wrongly imprisoned for a crime that many, including British M.P’s and leading UK barristers not to mention much of the press believe was a cover-up by The U.K.Establishment at the time of The Falklands. Hilda Murrell was a peace campaigner and active opponent of nuclear energy and was due to be a witness at an independent tribunal set up to review Britain’s nuclear energy industry. She was murdered just before she was due to give evidence. Both incompetence at the time by the police services plus reports of MI5 interference have made many now doubt the verdict.

February 19, 2016 - Posted by | secrets,lies and civil liberties, UK

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