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The Week to February 12 in Nuclear News

a-cat-CANArmed transport ships spotted in Panama Canal, headed for secret mission to later transport plutonium.

The very secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).

Arbitrary detention of Julian Assange – United Nations finding.

JAPAN. Fukushima nuclear station area has drastic mass death of species. What is to be done with all Fukushima’s radioactive trash? Japan Nuclear Regulation Authority Says No to Fukushima Daiichi’s Ice Wall.   5,300 tons of Fukushima radioactive trash dumped in 5 prefectures.

UK may be getting Beautiful Nuclear Cathedrals! (Amber Rudd will be pleased).  The UK ghost ships with the deadly nuclear cargo.  Huge production of radioactive trash would come from Hinkley point C nuclear reactor.   Hinkley Nuclear Project: trials and Tribulations Continue, and EDF is in dire financial straits. £100 billion. Confusion about financing of UK’s Hinkley nuclear power project. UK govt spurns the success of renewable energy, follows the dodgy chimera of “Small Nuclear Reactors”  Trident nuclear weapons system could all too soon become obsolete.

EUROPECourt action against nuclear reactors in Belgium. Nuclear utility Vattenfall in crisis – third consecutive annual loss. Ukraine buying Western technology, plans to double its nuclear power.

FRANCE   Electricite De France (EDF) faces €100bn bill for upgrading ageing nuclear power stations.


SOUTH AFRICA. Nuclear “renaissance” to Nuclear Fascism.

 CHINA. China’s nuclear fusion experiment – it’s still decades away from practical application. Problems for China’s nuclear power plans.

INDIA. Ambiguities in marketing nuclear reactors to India. Convention on Supplementary Compensation (CSC) does not override India’s nuclear liability law.

CLIMATE CHANGE & RENEWABLE ENERGY Sea-level rise ‘could last twice as long as human history’. New study: Meeting carbon reduction goals economically means no nuclear power.  World’s largest solar plant to be switched on in Morocco.


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