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Nuclear news for the past week

a-cat-CANInternational Court of Justice sets March dates for Marshall Islands’ nuclear case.

 Prof. T. Mousseau explains Life after Fukushima and Chernobyl nuclear disasters .

Thyroid cancer increasing: can they continue to ignore the link with nuclear power?

Exploding the false claims of the thorium nuclear lobby.

UN Panel Report finds in favour of Julian Assange

CANADA .Will the government listen to 92,000 Petitioners against Great Lakes Nuclear Dump?

EUROPE. European Commission faces the astronomic future costs of nuclear power.  Growing concerns in Europe over restarting aging Belgium nuclear stations

UK. Hinkley Point nuclear plant project director quitsHinkley delayed….again…best get used to hearing that! Hinkley nuclear fiasco puts the wind up Hitachi, concerning investment in UK. UK nuclear power project a bonanza for Japanese companies, Hitachi-GE and others.

GERMANY. Costly nuclear waste dump correction.   Costly, not available for decades, but Germany steps forward in nuclear fusion development.

FRANCE. Electricite De France : 6 union board members will oppose Hinkley Point nuclear project.  French waste group Veolia moving intonuclear clean-up business.   France’s plan for 1,000 kilometers of road paved with solar panels.

*SOUTH AFRICA.   CORRUPTION GOES NUCLEARJacob Zuma, the Guptas and the Russians



INDIA. Protest repressed in India, as government panders to France, USA’s nuclear power marketing.

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  1. The Pebble Bed and Molten Salt reactors being funded are the most dangerous (and dare I say crappy) of all. They are old, dangerously failed technologies. The father of Pebble Bed became a solar advocate. Germany is still trying to dump Pebble Bed waste from their failed pebble bed reactors on the USA after dumping a lot of the old fuel on Scotland. You beat me to the crappy Crapo. How could he get elected without a name change?

    Comment by miningawareness | February 6, 2016 | Reply

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