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Bernie Sanders opposes the one $trillion nuclear weapons plan

USA election 2016Bernie says there are higher priorities than spending a trillion dollars on nukes, Governing Under The Influence, Rebecca Aguilar on January 14, 2016

“………Bernie Sanders opposes the one trillion nuclear weapons plan and addresses wasteful spending in the Department of Defense.
…….I asked Senator Sanders, “Do you oppose the trillion dollar nuclear arms proposal that the Obama administration is trying to put forth?”

And he replied with “Yes, I do”. Senator Sanders continued on with his answer, “Obviously we need a strong defense. But the truth is there is enormous waste within the 600 billion dollar a year Defense Department. It turns out that the Department of Defense is the only agency that cannot sustain an independent audit. So I think there is a lot of waste, a lot of cost overrun. We are right now maintaining, I think I won’t swear to you, 5,000 nuclear weapons.”

Bernie was spot on, when he then said, “I don’t know what the world looks like at the end of 2,000 nuclear weapons going off. I don’t know that you’ll need another 3,000.” He then goes on to say, “You know what we could do for education with 30 billion dollars a year? You know what we could do for nutrition? You know what we could do with affordable housing? There is a lot higher priorities than maintaining that type of nuclear arsenal.” The crowd agreed with the Senator, and we applauded his answer…….

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  1. It’s also obviousely that nuclear Energy $ is miss used to prevent , Bankrupt , other than wise destroy wind ,hydo, solar. Safe Alternative’s for the very shorterm profit of very few.

    Comment by Steve Lonien | February 12, 2016 | Reply

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