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“Work Involving Nuclear Materials OFTEN Requires High-Grade QA” Says Lockheed Martin Operated Sandia Labs – How About ALWAYS Requires High-Grade Quality Assurance?

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Work involving nuclear materials often requires high-grade QA” says Sandia Labs, operated by Lockheed Martin!

The difference between often and always, in this context, can be a nuclear-radiological accident. Is this why a Sandia-Lockheed Martin worker, Mark Miller, supported the recent proposal to raise radiation exposure to the general public by the nuclear industry to be 400 times greater than the maximum currently allowed by the US EPA – i.e. to raise it from 0.25 mSv (25 mrem) per year up to 100 mSv per year, i.e. 10,000 mrem? See:!documentDetail;D=NRC-2015-0057-0010

Sandia QA often not always

Sandia grades the quality assurance rigor based on customer needs.” It needs to be based on worker and public safety not “customer needs” which may be to cut corners and costs to make more money-increase stock value.

Is this nit-picking? Maybe, but with nuclear-radiation safety, lack of linguistic rigor and lack of mental rigor can…

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