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Old Soviet Reactor Near St. Petersburg, Russia Scram-Radioactive Steam Release

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Leningrad Nuclear Power Station and Chernobyl
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On Friday, 18 December 2015, unit 2 of the Leningrad Nuclear Power Station was stopped (scrammed) due to a broken steam pipe. Radioactive steam is believed to have been released into the atmosphere. According to Green World Russia the wind was blowing from the south southeast at about 5 meters per second (not typical for this area) and thus blew radioactive steam toward the Gulf of Finland, in the direction of Vyborg-Zelenogorsk. Therefore, the City of St. Petersburg, population 5 million, located 40 km east of Leningrad Nuclear Power Station (SELA), appears to have been lucky this time. Greenworld further states that the second power unit of Leningrad Nuclear Power Station was given an operating life extension without the legally required public hearings and state environmental impact assessment. See and

Where is RT News on this incident or accident? If this had occurred in…

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  1. Many thanks for this and all of the other reblogs. Bravo that your hard work pays off. You have put this post on page one for a Google search (again). Happy Holidays.

    Comment by miningawareness | December 23, 2015 | Reply

    • Well – miningawareness – your blogs are an invaluable source of information, and I am just one of many who are grateful to you for your thoroughgoing work throughout 2015. I hope that you are giving yourself some time for holiday joys!

      Comment by Christina MacPherson | December 23, 2015 | Reply

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