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It is unfortunately not an exaggeration to say that the proposed 100 mSv put forth by the US NRC is a mass extermination protocol. The doings of the USNRC and DOE have become so far-fetched, and out of control, that it is difficult to believe even when you read it with your own eyes. Online historical documents, especially Congressional Hearings, suggest that they have been mostly out of control for 70 years, but people were unable, or had difficulty, accessing the information. This 100 mSv protocol appears an attempt to legalize and expand their deadly, nefarious, activities. It is also preparation for an imminent nuclear disaster in the US, and avoidance of clean-up by the public and private sector.

Besides the ties described below, by Robert Applebaum, the US Air Force has provided Ed Calabrese, and the U. of Mass-Amherst, at least $3.2 million from 1997 to 2018, apparently to…

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  1. W.H.O. IPHECA report 1995… areas over 5 mSv/year were designated mandatory EVACUATION zones.

    Click to access 9241561815_eng.pdf

    The international standard for external exposure has been 1mSv/year. With the advent of ‘modern medicine’, the use of nuclear chemicals, xrays, dental included, of course…… it is harder for exposure to be limited in this way, but all people should be aware and consider xrays for children especially only when absolutely necessary! Dr. Alice Stewart showed that very low doses for children is far worse and causes cancers in children a few years later! Leukemia being prevalent.

    Low Level radiation exposue from Sister Doctor Rosalie Bertell:

    “When you are talking about constant low radiation exposure, what you are doing is introducing mistakes into the gene-pool. And those mistakes will eventually turn up by killing that line, that cell line, that species line. The amount of damage determines whether this happens in two generations or in seven generations or 10 generations. So what we are doing by introducing more mistakes into the DNA or the gene pool is we are shortening the number of generations that will be viable on the planet.

    We have shortened the number of generations that will follow us. We have shortened that already. So we reduced the viability of living systems on this planet, whether it can recover or not. We don’t have any outside source to get new DNA. So we have the DNA we have, whoever will live on this planet in the future is present right now in the DNA. So if we damage it, we don’t have another place to get it.

    There will be no living thing on earth in the future that is not present now in a seed, in a sperm and the ovum of all living plants and animals. So it is all here now. It is not going to come from Mars or somewhere. Living things come from living things. So we carry this very precious seed for the future. And when you damage it you do two things. You produce an organism that is less viable, less harmonized with the environment. At the same time, we are leaving toxic and radioactive waste around. So you are going to have a more hazardous environment and a less capable organism. That is a death syndrome for the species, not only for the individual. It is going to be harder to live. The body will be less able to take stress, and you are increasing the stress at the same time.

    We are responsible for what we turn over to the next generation. It is amazing to me because I am the daughter of people that came from Europe, migrated to Canada and the United States for a better life for their children. And it seems that our generation does not care for the future. It is not our heritage. Our heritage was to give something better to our children than what we received. And we seem not to care. I find this very strange, and I think most of our grandparents would turn over in their graves, if they knew what we are doing.”

    Dr. Rosalie Bertell 2010 Interview

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