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Britain’s flawed nuclear energy project

Back to the future: Britain’s response to climate change is to go nuclear, Independent Australia, Adnan Al-Daini 7 October 2015, IInstead of embracing renewables to combat climate change, the British Government has decided to slip further into the deathly grip of the nuclear industry, writes Dr Adnan Al-Daini.

SO, the British government’s response to climate change is to go nuclear. The Hinkley Point nuclear power station is to be built jointly by Chinese companies and the French state-owned energy company EDF. The cost of building the plant is estimated to be GB £25 billion (AU $53.1 billion). For the deal to go ahead, the UK has to provide a guarantee worth £2 billion. In addition, the Government has to provide EDF with a guaranteed price of electricity generated at twice today’s price for 35 years.

This project is fundamentally flawed for four main reasons.

Firstly, this station is very expensive and it will take at least eight years for any electricity to be generated. Climate change needs action now, if not yesterday.

Professor Clive Hamilton quotes Lovins and Sheikh in his book, Requiem for a Species, thus:

The more urgent it is to protect the climate, the more vital it is to spend each dollar in ways that will displace the more carbon soonest.’ …..

Second, this approach of providing power from a huge power plant is the old way of thinking. The future belongs to small truly renewable energy power plants supplying local communities or just one building…..

Third, guaranteeing the price at twice today’s electricity price for 35 years makes no economic sense. Renewable energy systems such as solar and wind have a price guarantee for only 15 years. Why this preferential treatment for nuclear power?…..

the decision by the British government to go nuclear is going to end up costing future generations dear in the future, the burden of which will be borne by our children and grandchildren.,8236

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