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The economic case for the Nuclear Destruction of Life on Earth

nukefools-dayflag-UKReasons Why the Nuclear Destruction of Life on Earth Is Good for the British Economy, VICE 
October 2, 2015 by Sam Kriss “…….
This is a critical moment for the [Labour] party: How can they win the trust of the electorate if they’re not seen to be grunting and drooling at the prospect of instantly annihilating millions of people? Power is ultimately more important than principle, and Labour needs to be a party of government, not of opposition, even if what it ends up governing is a big mutant-strewn stick of charcoal in a sea clogged with ashes and bones. But nuclear weapons aren’t just good for Labour, they’re good for the country. Here’s why:



This was the line taken by many union delegates when they voted against any debate on the nuclear issue. For Len McCluskey, the general secretary of Unite, while there’s “a moral case and the huge cost of replacing Trident, especially in this era of austerity,” these concerns are outweighed by “jobs and the defense of communities.” Five hundred twenty civilian employees at the Faslane naval base in Scotland—and their families—depend directly on the continuation of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. While it’s true that, were Trident to be scrapped, the £20 billion [$30 billion] of savings would be enough to compensate each former worker with a redundancy payment of just under £38,461,538.50 [$58,310,000], their new lives of unimaginable wealth and luxury would soon start to feel like a hollow sham; without good honest work they’d soon become bored and restless, wishing for a nuclear apocalypse just to save them from the sheer ennui, and tragically impotent to bring it about.

In any case, laying off British workers just because what they do has the potential to kill every living thing on the planet is a slippery slope. The British arms industry is one of the few manufacturing concerns that this country still has, and much of its output is exported to repressive states like Israel and Saudi Arabia……..

NUCLEAR DEVASTATION HELPS THE WIDER ECONOMY TOO.….. Trident offers an effective alternative [to British workers competing with cheaper foreign labourers] . It’ll be much easier for hardworking British people to compete with workers overseas when those workers have been turned into gently drifting clouds of dust by the ungodly heat of a thermonuclear explosion.

The tourism sector is another vital component of the British economy that could be helped out by the irradiation of much of the world’s surface. As things stand, our traditional seaside resorts are in steep decline…….. It’s very likely that targeted nuclear strikes on popular holiday destinations, turning pristine beaches and charmingly rustic hotels into a silent span of black glass that bubbles underfoot as the radiation-burned survivors pathetically crawl for the sea, will be a much-needed boon for our traditional hospitality industry………

All this is assuming that Britain itself emerges unscathed from any nuclear war, which isn’t likely. But if a future Prime Minister’s decision to deploy Trident ends up being the last decision anyone ever makes, it could still be great news for our economy. The millions we’re currently spending on welfare payments to scroungers, smackheads, and the rest of the undeserving poor can finally be put to better use. Unemployment will instantly be wiped out, at the small cost of the unemployed. Admittedly, overcrowding at NHS hospitals will briefly become an extremely serious problem, but within a few days it will recede into utter insignificance. Britain’s balance of payments will be perfectly even and its debts will fall to zero. There’ll be no inflation, no credit crunches, no dropping share prices. And the Labour party will never lose another election.

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