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Nuclear lobby keen to ‘educate’ public

Flag-USANuclear leaders say education key to industry’s future, Pittsburgh Business Times, 
Matt Stroud Sep 30, 2015, The nuclear power industry is at a precipice. Without some changes, it could plummet.

A decline in nuclear power has been ongoing in the United States. There are 99 nuclear reactors in operation in 30 states, but the industry’s growth has stalled significantly. In 2013, four reactors went out of service, and another was shut down in December 2014. Two nuclear reactor licenses were approved by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission in 2012, which was a bright point for the industry. But those were the first nuclear licenses approved since 1978………

Dr Lawrence Lindsey spoke during a conference of nuclear power industry leaders gathered Wednesday at the Westin Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh. Called “Nuclear Going Forward” and underwritten by the advocacy group Nuclear Matters, the power brokers were there to discuss the industry’s future…….

 The solution to this problem, Lindsey said, is to push for politicians who are pro-nuclear and who will support policies such as shortening the process for approving nuclear licenses and settling on a facility such as Yucca Mountain for long-term nuclear waste storage.
“This is the time we need to start making decisions and start providing some certainty for the industry………

it’s a matter of extolling the virtues of nuclear — and staying course………


Our crystal ball says, ‘If we do our jobs right and we make the right investments, we control our spending, and have appropriate influence in the markets and the policies, then we’ll survive for the long term.'”

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