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September 22 Energy News


Science and Technology:

Prototype JBT ceramic batteries undergoing high-temperature testing. Prototype JBT ceramic batteries undergoing high-temperature testing.

¶ Solid-state battery technology may deliver up to three times more energy than equivalent-sized lithium-ion cell, while eliminating many of the durability and safety issues associated with conventional lithium-based energy sources. The technology employs ceramic electrolytes instead of volatile liquid or gel electrolytes. [IHS Electronics360]

¶ According to new research from Griffith University, in Queensland, Australia, harnessing the energy created from salinity gradients could provide a renewable source of power able to mitigate climate change impacts, reduce reliance on fossil fuels and improve processes within the desalination industry. [WaterWorld]


¶ Yingli Green Energy Holdings has announced a partnership with Namene Energy International, a leading renewable energy projects developer in Africa, to work together to set up 100-MW of utility-scale and 50 MW of rooftop solar power projects in Ghana and other African countries. Each company…

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