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This Week: Hiroshima, Nagasaki, and Nuclear News

GLOBAL:  Independent assessment of the state of the nuclear industry. Bleak outlook for Generation IV nuclear reactors, as Generation III look like failing.  Nuclear lobby promotes a new ‘health disorder’ – radiophobia.


  • The psychological effects of Fukushima nuclear catastrophe.  The internet is awash with articles about this. I am sure that it is true – that the mental and stress effects are huge, and taking a huge toll on health. My problem is – that the nuclear lobby is using this fact to propagandise their idea that ionising radiation is not harmful to the body.
  •  Sickness and death of marine animals. The Internet is also awash with this, and many are naming Fukushima ionising radiation as the cause. And it might be. But there are other possible causes – such as the direct and indirect effects of ocean warming, and other climate change features. We need to scrutinise these news items, with a sceptical eye.)

HIROSHIMA. Commemorative events around the world. And let us not forget Nagaskai’s experience of nuclear bombing. Every year, thousands of Hiroshima survivors treated for radiation-induced illnesses. Japan’s nuclear bombing survivors speak out against nuclear power

CLIMATE CHANGE: Climate change brings increasing dangers and costs to nuclear stations  The nightmares of climate change are already upon us. Ecomigration happening as climate change already submerging islands.

JAPANProblems ahead, if Japan restarts mothballed nuclear reactors. Judicial review panel votes to indict ex-Tepco executives. Nuclear watchdog proposes raising maximum radiation dose to 250 millisieverts. Japan’s Abe Government Risks Fukushima Victims’ Lives with “Forced Return” to Contaminated Areas.

Fukushima: Damaged fuel rod containers, suspicious death at Fukushima nuclear plant. TEPCO exploits homeless, mentally disabled men, in Fukushima nuclear clean-up. Discharge Canal Contamination Rising in Fukushima Daiichi. Fukushima buildings sinking — Structures decaying, getting more unstable. China sends back infant milk formula to Fukushima.

USA: Obama props up a failing nuclear industry, with nuclear energy a centerpiece of his climate push!  New nuclear reactor technologies benefit from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan. The  Plan does not support existing nuclear reactors. USA government makes rules on ionising radiation in water more lax. Will USA’s Nuclear Regulatory Commission allow the nuclear lobby to set radiation standards?   Postponed indefinitely – the opening of U.S. government’s Waste Isolation Pilot Plant. Hundreds Flee California Wildfires as Governor Declares State of Emergency. $10 billion bonanza to save Exelon nuclear plants in Illinois? Problem for Modular Nuclear Reactors – they’re just as costly as the old ones

UK: Top bank advises UK government to delay or cancel Hinkley nuclear project. Bradwell: Handing Future UK nuclear Infrastructure to the Chinese.  Labor leader candidate Jeremy Corbyn sets out plans for UK nuclear disarmament.

FRANCE: The end of the line for AREVA’s model of “birth to grave” nuclear processes. €7bn needed to keep loss-making nuclear company AREVA alive.

FINLAND: Fennovoima the last hurrah for nuclear industry in Finland.

SPAIN: Dispute in Spain about where to put radioactive trash.

SOUTH AFRICA:  facing a R1-trillion nuclear financial disaster.

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