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Scary part of Fukushima is the sheer epic scale of this mega nuclear disaster

Fukushima; Reactors And/Or SFP’s In #5 And #6 Melted Down – Total of 7 Melt Down’s, Melt Outs, Nuclear Explosions A Green Road Blogspot, 12 July 15, “………CONCLUSION

The scary part of Fukushima is the sheer epic scale of this mega nuclear disaster. Let’s total up the melt out’s, melt downs and nuclear explosions…..

Building 1 – melted out
Building 2 – melted out

Building 3 – melted out and exploded
Building 4 – melted out from at least the equipment pool
Building 5 – melted down
Building 6 – melted down

Total;  6 or more melt downs or melt outs at Fukushima Daichi, plus 1 nuclear criticality explosion in Building #3.
Fukushima was a mega nuclear disaster sledge hammer wake up call for humanity. If this does not wake up people, nothing will, short of a Carrington Event and then it will be too late. 
Super Solar Storm To Hit Earth – ‘Carrington Effect’; 400 Nuke Plants Will Melt Down/Explode; via @AGreenRoad
What will it take to wake up humanity? When will everyone realize that this is NOT the way into a bright, healthy, happy, joy filled future? What will it take to convince nations, states and individuals that nuclear anything is nothing more than a dead ender future, with only suffering, disease and death at the end of it? 
Humanity has a choice. The global village can all take massive action and move in the direction of a sustainable future that works for 7 future generations, via learning about and using the Science Of Sustainable Health. Or  everyone in the global village can die by committing global suicide via nuclear technology, which is a dead ender. 
The future of humanity is very bright, and that hopeful future is our birthright. But we can throw our birthright away, because we do have free will and choice.


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