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Governments, scientists and industry experts can’t face the truth about Fukushima

 exclamation- Have you considered …Fukushima will never be over Karen Warnick The Independent, 31 July 15 

There are very good reasons why we aren’t being told the truth about the Fukushima disaster, but it doesn’t matter what those reasons are. The fact that we aren’t getting updated information in the “normal” media and the scant information that is coming out from them can’t be counted on to be accurate is the problem.

If we were to be told the real truth, civilization as we know it would become utter chaos. It’s hard not to be too fatalistic, or too much of a “conspiracy theorist” over this issue. The reason being that the truth is the disaster that was and is Fukushima will never be over.

There has never been a disaster of this magnitude before and the scientific community and nuclear energy experts don’t have a clue how to fix it

There has been news about Fukushima in the past four years; it’s just hard for the average person to find.

Consider some of the statements made by “experts” in various articles in scientific papers and other world media sites: “Even more ominously, Seiichi Mizuno, a former member of Japan’s House of Councillors (Upper House of Parliament, 1995-2001) in March 2015 said: “The biggest problem is the melt-through of reactor cores… We have groundwater contamination… The idea that the contaminated water is somehow blocked in the harbor is especially absurd. It is leaking directly into the ocean. There’s evidence of more than 40 known hotspot areas where extremely contaminated water is flowing directly into the ocean… We face huge problems with no prospect of solution.” (Source: Nuclear Hotseat #194)”……..

. It doesn’t matter anymore. We are never going to be over Fukushima.

We are still not “over” Chernobyl, which happened in 1986. The land around it will never be habitable again and hundreds of thousands have died, and hundreds of thousands have cancer.

It’s no wonder governments, scientists and industry experts don’t want to talk about it. There’s nothing any of them can do about it. Fukushima is not over, will never be over, and it could get a lot worse. That’s all anyone needs to know.

Karen Warnick is a reporter with The Independent. Reach her at


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