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Oil companies, weapons makers, committed to stopping nuclear deal with Iran

weapons1‘Greed of Wall Street prevents Iran nuclear deal from being signed’  July 10, 2015 Even though Americans and Iranians want peace and cooperation between their two countries, US oil cartels, defense companies and the Israel lobby is preventing a deal going forward, says Caleb Maupin from the International Action Centre.

RT: The Iran nuclear talks seem to be in deadlock. There’s still no deal in sight in Vienna, one more deadline has expired and apparently the framework pact for the talks has now been extended until Monday. Do you think we are going to see any kind of deal eventually?

Caleb Maupin: There is absolutely no rational reason that a deal wouldn’t go through. The people of the US, they want peace and further cooperation with Iran. The people of Iran want further cooperation with the US. The only thing that is getting in the way of a deal being signed and better cooperation between our two countries is the greed of Wall Street. The oil companies, the weapons manufacturers, the Israeli government and its network of supporters are really committed to preventing any deal from going forward. And even though all humanity wants peace we are really seeing every effort being made to prevent a deal from being signed and it’s very frightening to see these continued extensions of these negotiations……….

We are seeing the US at the last moment making ridiculous demands as a kind of concession to the very wealthy and powerful forces in the US that don’t want a deal to go through and it’s very unfortunate………

I think that there has been a section of the ruling elite here in the US who has said from the beginning they will not allow there to be peace between the US and Iran. And it’s not just Republicans, there are many figures within the Democratic Party that are connected to the oil companies and the weapons manufacturers and the Israel lobby. These organizations, which represent very rich and powerful people, they have control of a lot of elected officials in the US…………..

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