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Fukushima Offshore Earthquake Reminder – M 4.3; F. Nuclear Reactors Still Spewing Radiation into Air and Water

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Japan 21 June 2015 earthquake vs. 11 March 2011 location
21 June 2015 earthquake Fukushima M 4.5

Unknown quantities of radioactive waste water are being dumped into the Pacific, even while lots is being stored on site as can be seen in images further down.

TEPCO admits to still be spewing radioactive materials into the air, over four years on. If you multiply the amount of Cesium which they admit to releasing per hour into the air for April 2015 times 24 hours and times 12 months it is 56,334 times more Cesium than the US’s largest single nuclear reactor, Grand Gulf, emits into the air in one year, and 59.6 times what the notorious Sellafield emits into the air in one year. TEPCO has released at a higher rate per hour and is allowed to release at a still much higher rate into the air. It was, indeed, TEPCO and others, saying how many tonnes of radioactive water that TEPCO could legally dump, which taught us…

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