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Volcano erupting not far from Sendai where nuclear restarts have just been approved

flag-japanJapan Plans To Restart Reactors Surrounded By Active Volcanoes, Simply Info May 29th, 2015 Japan’s NRA has given the go ahead to restart two reactors at the Sendai nuclear plant. A recent court decision rejected the concerns of the public related to the safety of the plant. The needed local approvals are expected to permit the plant to restart even though public opinion is about two to one against restarts. The first reactor could restart as early as July.

One volcano 64km from the nuclear plant erupted last October. Now one 160km south of the plant is actively erupting. Residents of that island are being evacuated.  Even a distant volcano cancause serious problems for a nuclear plant. The ash released in an eruption can take out power lines and cause equipment such as diesel generators to fail.  We also found other risks that are unaddressed with the Sendai plant related to any disaster response……..Sendai still lacked an evacuation plan ……..

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