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Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

The very big gender gap – women don’t like nuclear power.

Cut-throat competition between global nuclear companies to export reactors.

WEAPONS AND WAR. Non-Proliferation Treaty Review Conference flounders over Middle East nuclear concerns .  Catholic Church wants nuclear disarmament, not deterrence.

No Signs of Russian Nuclear Weapons Deployment – NATO Commander.

North Korea claims that it can make mini nuclear weapons.

USA. USA government effectively stymied Nuclear Nonproliferation Conference.  Immediate release ordered for Sister Megan Rice and her compatriots. High cancer rates in thorium and uranium contaminated sites in Missouri.

Heightened danger of war from appearance of American warships in South China Sea.

JAPAN . Japan’s Nuclear Regulation Authority gives approval for restart of Sendai reactors. Japan’s spent fuel problem will escalate, casting doubt on nuclear restart plans. Unable to get volunteer locations, Japan will now impose nuclear waste sites. Tokyo hit by 5.6y mag earthquake.  Abe government trampling on press freedoms – concern grows in Japan.  Japan raises the ‘acceptable’ radiation level for nuclear emergency workers. Japan’s Government and TEPCO sued by Ex-Futaba mayor, over Fukushima nuclear disaster.


FRANCE. Gloomy financial situation for AREVA in so many ways. Safety problems may mean the end for AREVA’s EPR nuclear reactor.

GERMANY.German nuclear utilities don’t have enough money for decomissioning reactors.

FINLAND    pulls out of building Olkiluoto 4 nuclear reactor.

SWEDEN Investors flee Nordic nuclear company Vattenfall.

UK. Nuclear power link to breast cancer. UK’s hunt for Trident nuclear system whistleblower. Britain outsourcesguarding of its nuclear facilities to private company.

CANADA. Potassium iodate pills for Canadian communities near nuclear facilities. First Nations land would host Ontario nuclear waste, but First Nations don’t get a say.

CHINA Chinese scientist warns on dubious safety of China’s nuclear power programme.

NEW ZEALAND. Distrust in New Zealand about Commission to study effects of Pacific nuclear bombing.

SOUTH AFRICA‘s nuclear company Eskom runs out of money for assessing environmental impact of nuclear energy. Govt is hiding the true costs of nuclear power.

Uranium .Continued down ward trajectory of the global uranium market. A year of losses for Namibia’ Rossing uranium mine. Trying to cut costs, TEPCO to sell uranium stockpile.

Trans Pacific Partnership. Corporate control of government, and the Internet are the goals – Julian Assange.

Climate Change. Big energy firms get privileged access to top EU climate officals. Tipping point for some Antarctic glaciers reached in 2009.


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