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This week’s nuclear news

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Fukushima 4th anniversary events planned in London and elsewhere.

Japan: Nuclear restarts  could be years away, due to legal battles  Fukushima. Slow start to removing nuclear fuel rods from reactor No 3.  Two new big solar projects.

UK and 7 other EU countries want European Commission funding to prop up their nuclear industry Lawsuit over European Commission’s approval of Hinkley will expose full costs of nuclear. Germany says absolute NO to tax-payer funded nuclear power.

The ever more expensive Sellafield nuclear clean-up – £53bn cost now 

USA: Nuclear power companies feeling financial pain – their future is dubious. Former governors to take legal action to stop nuclear wastes coming to Idaho

Medical disability for radiation accepted for airman who attended UFO site 30 years ago. I thought this was an interesting one – perhaps relating to some secret radiation or nuclear weapons project?

Russia: not much news about Russia. Always a worry, as their nuclear industry, weapons industry, waste disposal, – all very secretive – almost certainly more dangerous and incompetent than USA’s or UK’s. Giant craters appearing in Siberia– result of permafrost thawing, due to global warming?

Iran:  Theatrics by Israel’s Netanyahu highlight the need for a nuclear agreement with Iran

Climate: Murky story of the funding of climate denialist Willie Soon

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