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The Week in Nuclear News

Christina Macpherson's websites & blogs

Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Belgium: Nuclear regulator there calls for global inspection of nuclear reactors, as 1000s of cracks found in pressure vessels of nuclear reactors – “This may be a global problem for the entire nuclear industry”.

Japan: Inspectors urge Japan to dump water from Fukushima  plant into ocean

India:  could develop thermonuclear weapons: it is secretly enriching uranium.

South Africa: All sorts of secret manipulations going on there, in regard to its nuclear agreement with Russia – and that is by no means a done deal. 

Canada:  Lavalin, the company promoting thorium nuclear reactors faces rare corporate fraud and bribery charges

USA: Documents show that US Navy knew that sailors on USS Reagan received dangerous radiation.   Another $8 billion added to the $14 billion cost of Nuclear Plant Vogtle.   Big Solar Energy is taking off, as corporations discover its advantages.  USA’s Tea Party – 85 groups join movement for solar energy!  “Clean Coal” not a goer, for White House –support withdrawn.

UK: Nuclear subsidies for Hinkley Point facility will cost far more than is claimed. Litvinenko radiation murder court case continues.

China’s delay in building reactors is watched in concern by US nuclear industry

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