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Unfair advantage to nuclear power as it gets privileged status at universities

miningawareness 29 Oct 14 There are many groups (e.g. FOE, Beyond Nuclear) using law suits to try to protect the public from nuclear, which we never hear about. Without them we would be in even more trouble.

But, even US public universities became majority private funded over 20 years ago, via “Grant monies”. Also, the rich literally buy positions for their kids, and perhaps selves, to be professors via endowments. Canadian universities have been corrupted by mining interests for at least as long, probably longer, and by the World Bank, etc. Think of the McGill U. prof promoting asbestos. Little room for those who are unwilling or unable to get grants.

That little non-grant room is occupied by nepotism or direct patronage. Non-public monies started making inroads in France around the same time, but to a lesser extent, probably because even many French companies are govt. owned. Also, critical minds lost their teaching positions in the UK and US during the Red Scare. So, we are very much reaping all of that corrupted ideological influence.

Now is the time for non-nuclear business people to get mad at the unfair advantage given to the nuclear industry.

I hope that you and everyone see this imminent risk of a fuel pool fire from Sellafield and spread the word:


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