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Weapons manufacturers profit as the world becomes more dangerous



King Solomon’s Horse Tanks, Rudy Martinka, 7 Sept 14   “…….ISIS is using the weapons and dollars captured in Northern Iraq that were supplied by the US to be used to defend Iraq.

The US supplied armaments to Afghanistan rebels to combat the Russian invasion. Osama Bin Laden learned how to use these weapons.

The European and USA manufacturers of weapons have been selling armaments to the Middle East in exchange for oil.

The nuclear bomb technology stolen from the US after WWII is now a threat to the entire world especially if it is ever obtained by extreme terrorists or nations with ideologies to destroy perceived enemies even if they purposely kill themselves in the act…….King Solomon profited in the short term by trading arms same as many countries are doing today…….As for King Solomon, I wonder what he would have to say about the wisdom of US foreign aid in regards to our present policy to supply men and arms in the Middle East supposedly as a defense for the US. While at the same time having absolutely no control of US borders and visas in spite of a potential threat of a nuclear dirty bomb…….

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