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Ever- increasing radioactive water at Fukushima: they have no idea how to fix this

TV Host: I’m studying Fukushima every day — “They have no idea what they’re going to do… There’s no solution… It’s a nightmare” — Tens of thousands of gallons of radioactive water spill into Pacific Ocean each day — “We really need to shut down all reactors” (VIDEO)


*NSFW* — Joe Rogan Experience, Aug. 2, 2014 (at 2:21:00 in):

  • Abby Martin, host of RT’s ‘Breaking the Set’: I want to ask you, have you seen the VICE special on Fukushima? Oh my good god… Even though I study this sh*t every day I did not realize – until you see it, until you see that VICE special, and you see the tanks — how every day they’re filling this whole reactor up with fresh water, draining the radioactive water multiple times a day, storing it in hundreds of tanks. They’re going to run out of room. All the tanks are leaking. They’re spilling like 30,000 gallons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean water every day [According to the Washington Post, “400 (metric) tons of toxic water is flowing daily into the Pacific”, equal to 105,669 gallons]. They have no idea what the f*ck they’re going to do… There’s no solution — and what are they going to f*cking do? … It’s a f*cking nightmare… Look at Chernobyl; they have this giant sarcophagus that’s cracking… Why are we dealing with an energy that we can’t harness properly? … Clearly we don’t what the f*ck we’re doing with it.
  • Joe Rogan, host: You know all it does is make steam?
  • Martin: Yeah, that’s what’s so crazy, when you see what it really just is.
  • Rogan: Ithought that it did something like made electricity with the nuclear — splitting atoms, and it just goes through the wires. No, they’re making steam… Couldn’t they do that in a better way? Seems like a lot of waste to make steam… What are you a**holes doing? You guys are making some sh*t that you can never shut off… They’re all over the place, too. The really bizarre thing is when you drive down the California coast, and you realize that we are on a fault — California moves all the time — then you go on the way to San Diego, there’s a f*cking nuclear power plant that’s right there! … Once those things go bad, they’re bad forever. So you have, as of now there’s only two spots, but those two spots are toast. Chernobyl and Fukushima are f*cking toast. Those areas are f*cked for 100,000 years. Then you have the storage of the nuclear waste from all the other places that are still operational… What the f*ck. This is less than 100 years of splitting atoms… and you already have two spots that are broken. If you could look at the future and you look at potential spots to go wrong… we’re going to f*ck up a huge percentage of the world with this power source… Maybe that solar thing is something you guys want to look at?
    Martin: The thing is, it’s not working. I think that we really do need to shut down all the reactors… At the end of the day, is it worth the risk? To have this sh*t out there for a million years — is it worth it, when we do have other sources?
    Full interview here

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