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This week in nuclear and climate news

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Christina Macpherson’s websites & blogs

Japan. A high proportion of deformities in migratory birds.  Nuclear-news ‘ own co-editor, Sean arclight-SmMcGee, exposes the pro nuclear publicity campaign by Toyota, and Ogilvy and Mather, to discredit the scientific research on this.

Japan’s restart of nuclear power is far from  a done deal, as municipalities object,  and evacuation plans are inadequate. P.M Abe is ignoring public opinion, and stiff opposition to nuclear power.   Meanwhile, Japan’s nuclear utilities are mired in problems. In energy policy, it is apparent that Germany is now  winner, and Japan on a losing trajectory

Germany is achieving record levels of energy from solar and wind power (74% on one day) The State of  Schleswig-Holstein is close to 100% renewable energy, from starting just 8 years ago.

Fukushima  Japan Gov’t-funded Study: Fukushima has released up to 120 Quadrillion becquerels of radioactive cesium into North Pacific Ocean — Does not include amounts that fell on land — Exceeds Chernobyl total, which accounts for releases deposited on land AND ocean. Plutonium has been found in soil around Fukushima, including in a children’s playground.

India, with 4 big projects going, is on the way to a  renewable energy revolution.  India struggles to find a way toinsure nuclear power plants, as France renews its nuclear sales pitch to India. But at home, France adopts a vigourous pro renewable energy policy, and downgrading of nuclear power.

Climate Change. USA  In what might be a very important precedent  A federal judge has blocked a coal project in the wilds of Colorado because federal agencies failed to consider the future global-warming damages from burning fossil fuels.

Renewable Energy  records set in California and Texas 

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