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Continued cover-up of health effects of Fukushima radiation

Cancer Expert in Fukushima: “There has undoubtedly been radiation poisoning, people shouldn’t be living here”; Officials only focus is covering up crisis — TV: On playground, we found radiation levels 2,000% higher than displayed by gov’t monitoring post (VIDEO)

Fukushima VICE

Vice on HBO, Season 2 Episode 10, May 24, 2014 (at 3:45 in):

Dr. Masamichi Nishio, MD, Hokkaido Cancer Center radiologist who was examining children at elementary school 40 miles from Fukushima Daiichi: There has undoubtedly been radiation poisoning, so people should not be living here. But the government will not say that out loud. All they wanted to do was cover-up what had been done. There is a lot of secrecy. […]
Kayoko Hashimoto, Fukushima resident: The figures don’t add up. They don’t match what the government is saying.
Vikram Ghandi, Vice: The whole concept of these stationary Geiger counters becomes suspect when only a few feet away the readings are twice as high. And when you move even further away, those government monitors start feeling completely irrelevant. Over here by the edge of the school… Whoa. Sh*t. So the reading is now 3.5 [microSv/hr]. That level is 20 times higher than the monitoring post around the corner — on the playground, at an elementary school.

Vikram Gandh’s ‘Debrief’May 24, 2014:

Shane Smith, Vice: Vikram Gandhi went to Fukushima, where levels of radiation have been drastically downplayed by the Japanese government. […]
Ghandi: Our Geiger counter was reading measurements up to 900 times the measurements we found in Tokyo.

Watch the VICE broadcast here and the ‘Debrief’ here


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