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Women’s part, or lack of it, in nuclear industry decisions – theme for May 2014

Decisions on nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear wastes are almost exclusively made by men.Yet the brunt of nuclear-caused cancer is suffered by women and children, as is the brunt of nuclear war, and of depleted uranium spread.

Opinion polls over many years, and in many countries, consistently show that women are opposed to nuclear power and nuclear weapons.

More women than men are concerned about health and environmental effects of the nuclear industry.

Yet they are consistently reassured by narrowly educated nuclear physicists, and other technocrats, that nuclear power is safe, and that they have nothing to worry about in regard to ionising radiation.

Decisions on nuclear power and ionising radiation. The nuclear power heirarchy is almost uniformly male, though the nuclear lobby tries hard to pretend that they have equal rights credentials by getting a few token women to show off. And, a favourite male trick, – put a woman in an untenable position .

A good example would be Maria Korsnick, who was made Chief Nuclear Officer, by Exelon Nuclear –  the poisoned chalice given to a woman in these troubled times for the industry?


May 12, 2014 - Posted by | Christina's themes

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