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NASA just doesn’t get it – that ionising radiation is a killer

text ionisingCosmic ray radiation could prevent humans from travelling to Mars, Herald Sun,  STAFF WRITERS NEWS.COM.AU APRIL 25, 2014

A NEW report has exposed one of the big problems confronting our ambition to send humans to Mars – galactic cosmic ray radiation.

Cosmic rays consist of high energy particles. When humans leave the earth’s atmosphere, these rays can kill cells and even cause cancer. They’re also extremely difficult to shield againstWired reports.

The new study, published in the scientific journal PLOS One, says astronauts could receive doses of cosmic ray radiation exceeding their lifetime limit after just 18 months (for women) or two years (for men) on the International Space Station.

“The type of tumours that cosmic ray ions make are more aggressive than what we get from other radiation,” says radiation expert Francis Cucinotta, who wrote the report.

That conclusion obviously has wider repercussions for extended space travel. If we’re going to send anyone to Mars, we’d better be able to protect them against the effects of this radiation. Cucinotta estimates that, as technology currently stands, an astronaut’s lifespan would be shortened by 15-24 years by a trip to the red planet.

NASA does take steps to ensure its astronauts don’t vastly increase their chances of dying from cancer. Once an astronaut has spent too much time accumulating radiation in space, they’re grounded, Wired reports……..

NASA Chief: Mars Mission Necessary For Human Survival Http://Www.Abc22now.Com/Shared/News/Top-Stories/Stories/Wkef_vid_19784.Shtml

WASHINGTON — NASA chief Charles Bolden outlined after a recent summit the space agency’s plan for a manned mission to Mars by 2030, Yahoo News reported.Bolden called the mission “necessary if the human race is to survive.”

Ultimately, Bolden said, the human race will need to become colonists.

“If this species is to survive indefinitely we need to become a multiplanet species,” Yahoo quotes Bolden as saying. “We need to go to Mars, and Mars is a stepping stone to other solar systems.”

Bolden said a journey to Mars should be possible by the 2030s, with modest increases to NASA’s budget.


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